Estate Planning

The attorneys at IKON LAW, LLC will help you create a comprehensive estate plan that can help alleviate both your own stress and that of your loved ones during difficult times, whether it be updating existing documents or creating new documents to better suit your particular needs and wishes.

Life Is Full Of Uncertainty

Life is full of uncertainty. Estate Planning can provide both peace of mind and protection for yourself, your loved ones, and your personal assets presently, during periods of incapacity, and at the end of life. Without the utilization of proper Estate Planning, South Carolina Intestacy Laws will determine how your assets will be distributed, without any consideration of your personal wishes as to conveyance.



Asset Distribution Should Be Considered, and at Times, Modified as Any Life Altering Events Occur – Including, but not Limited to:

  • Changes to SC State Laws that May Impact Your Estate
  • Changes in Marital Status- Marriage/Divorce
  • Birth of Child or Adoption
  • Emancipation of Minor Child
  • Changes in the Value of Your Estate
  • Acquisition or Disposition of a Significant Asset
  • Changes in Employment- Position/Status, etc.


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We Understand

At IKON LAW, LLC we understand that Estate Planning can be a taxing process,
and we are dedicated to building a Comprehensive Estate Plan. We can provide wills attorney and trust attorney service to give you and your lovedones peace of mind.

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