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Powers of Attorney & Medical Directives

A Power of Attorney (POA) or letter of attorney is a written authorization to represent or act on another’s behalf. The person authorizing the other to act is the Principal, Grantor, or Donor (of the power). The one authorized to act is the Agent, Proxy, or Attorney-in-Fact.

General Durable Power of Attorney

In this document, you appoint an Agent to act for you as Principal if you become incapacitated.  Your Agent is authorized to pay your bills, access your bank accounts, manage your property, make withdrawals from your retirement assets, or do anything else that you want your Agent to do on your behalf if you become incapacitated.

Health Care Power of Attorney

Your Health Care Power of Attorney authorizes your designated Agent to make medical decisions for you when you cannot. This document further contains a HIPAA Authorization for the release of health information to designated persons.  This document is only used during periods of mental incompetence.

Declaration of Desire for Natural Death (“Living Will”)

Your Declaration of Desire for a Natural Death, also known as a Living Will, or an Advanced Directive, informs your doctors and family members of your end-of-life medical wishes. This document backs up your Health Care Power of Attorney and overrides your Agent if there is a conflict.

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